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Ceramic tile decoration professionals do their homework for you


Nowadays, the ceramic tile with its diversity of design and color, variety, a high ratio of decorate in the family play an important role in the shop installs the ceramic tile of the bedroom always give a person the sense with spacious and bright, and it is very easy to clean, so ceramic tile is more and more get the favour of people. Ordinary consumers is not ceramic experts, however, also the interior designer, maybe they don't know about the various features of ceramic tile, when the choose and buy tend to be more focused on the visibility of ceramic tile, but buy home only to find that, originally for the use of ceramic tile have this or that kind of problem.In march, the awaken of spring thick, preparation decorates is the time.Sweep the city of household, select appropriate building materials products, I' m afraid the most annoying, especially decorate advocate material, whole bedroom space will rely on them to render, index of visual effect, environmental protection, durable, able to grasp the three aspects, is not easy. At the same time, the pattern of the building materials product with each passing day, although is a familiar routine advocate material, also promote quietly on the quality and design and change.Therefore, how to judge the new trend of mainstream products, let the future of home experience is long cover is new, I' m afraid you is decorated in the preparation of the need to do homework.

Full chamber shop sticks ceramic tile has the " radiation hazards". The expert disambiguation: qualified ceramic tile radiation can be neglected.Readers, Mr. Song said he has been very like the texture of ceramic tile, and it is not real wood floor then temperamental, so oneself after refitting geothermal all the ceramic tile on the shop on the ground.However, just in a new house soon found on the Internet, some say, natural stone material is radioactive, and ceramic tile also has natural ingredients, so radioactive is inevitable.And, more broken tile harmfulness, so try not to large area is used indoors ceramic tile.This song can be worried, just to decorate a house, how can appear the radiation?

In response, the Chinese building sanitary ceramics association secretary- general MiaoBin said, first of all ceramic tile ceramic products have radiation problems such as the idea that there is no appeared in our country' s remarks, for very high environmental standards, such as the German countries also does not have the same judgment, therefore, the environmental performance of ceramic products such as ceramic tile is not in doubt, consumer can be at ease use. In addition, for ceramic products of raw materials such as ceramic tile, MiaoBin said the radioactive material will constantly attenuation, the material after purification of natural and artificial processing, the radiation can be neglected. As long as consumers to buy the ceramic tile quality qualification of class A, even using area again big, don' t have to worry about the radiation problem.

In addition, we also learned that in the process of ceramic tile, in order to increase the surface finish, easy cleaning decontamination, and prevent erosion, in the surface layer of the tu yi " glaze", this is a kind of ceramic pigment, which joined the zircon sand as opacifying agent, and it contains natural radioactive nuclide in zircon sand. Experts advise consumers when buying ceramic tile, therefore, must choose brand products, you can also look to the product of the radioactive inspection report, according to the national building control standards of category of the radiation protection of natural stone products, natural stone material according to the radiation levels are divided into A, B, C three categories, and A kind of product can be used in any occasion, including bedroom, office and home.

Imitation wood floor, imitation cloth art, imitation coloured glaze tile turns into a real ones

Designer guidance: details should pay attention to ceramic tile style collocation and the shop is stuck

Floor tile is better to clean up, and the quality of a material of wooden floor, the foot feels good, is there any way can make the advantages of both worlds together? Wall brick corrosion resistance is strong, especially suitable for use in the space of hutch, but whether wall brick can also achieve wallpaper, cloth art and other visual aesthetic feeling? Now are for reference and fusion, in any field in the ceramic industry this fusion trend is gradually popular.Imitation wood floor, imitation, imitation glass cloth art, such as the style of imitation of coloured glaze ceramic tile is emerging, should not really distinguish carefully, really don't see that it is ceramic tile.While some ceramic tile from to achieve the degree of " spurious" tactile, touch can touch the thin wood texture, imitation glass ceramic tile was able to see the outline of his appearance.

Miss zhou home is decorated, the pursuit of innovative she wants to find a starting point from the ceramic tile, she plans to put a blue tile in the kitchen, for example, is clean and fresh; The toilet is want to do with red Mosaic decoration, the ground spreads white ceramic tile;The balcony floor tile of the ground to use copy of pebble shape is irregular, and so on.

In this industry is the peak of Mr Zhang says, domestic outfit stylist if as an independent closed space again, miss zhou these assumptions are possible, but because the owner of each family space requires communication, so the space in doing creative but the transition between the tiles.In general, the selection of ceramic tile main should consider two aspects of style and color.After ceramic tile shop is, after all, is hard to replace, so for amateurs, collocation of ceramic tile should with simple color, contrast difference is small for the principle.If can choose and indoor and other space inside the ceramic tile of the color of the same or similar color; Also can choose some of the common monochrome; Also can choose a few low purity tall lightness color, etc, so as to minimize the ceramic tile color mistakes.

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