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Ceramic tile is damaged? Seven ways to remedy


Ceramic tile is most of the family is decorated with decorative building materials, not only beautiful and environmental protection.For many families, though, and sometimes ceramic tile can bring a little trouble to the host, such as ceramic tile has a small area of damage, this time will let host helpless, don't change affect beautiful, changed again afraid too unwieldy, how to do?Don't try so hard, the side action for you!

A. Around the ceramic tile edge sealing white cement, with small chisel carefully remove the damage of ceramic tile.Around such as ceramic tile stick firmly, don' t want to on ceramic tile around all usable cutting knife portrayal of glass in the middle of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile of the middle part to the chisel down first, and then use a sharp steel chisel will slowly around the edge of the broken porcelain pieces of repair and clean.

2. Cut off after ceramic tile, steel chisel cut off, the underlying cement mortar strength shall not be overweight, otherwise it will shatter the ceramic tile of other intact. Application of water wet surface after removal of dust.

Three. Before sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile should be soaking wet, dry it in the ceramic tile back after shave a thin coat of 107 glue mud, then forcibly pressure in place, and check whether the ceramic tile on new posts are flush with all round ceramic tile.

4. New post good ceramic tile juncture will fill with whitewater mud, embedded and remove excess water mud on the surface of ceramic tile.

5. The old ceramic tile is still in good condition, only with other act the role of release, at the junction of repair juncture place should be sand gray out clean, and injecting epoxy resin adhesive, dry again after sealing with flexible waterproof materials in the joint, such as glass glue) for inlaying.

6. Sometimes only one or two pieces of old ceramic tile is damaged, and the old cement mortar and it is hard to cut off or cut hair.Then had to epoxy resin adhesive ( glue) on the underside of the tile and concrete surface coated with a thin layer respectively, and then forcefully, can ensure that change of new ceramic tile is flush with the surrounding tiles. 

If the mortar is not loose, falls off only ceramic tile, ceramic tile can be the mortar on the scrape, mixed with a little cement into a paste, in the 107 glue evenly coated with a thin layer on the back of the tile, compaction ceramic tile can be glued down later.If the mortar fell along with ceramic tile, first on the original foundation after MAO pit gently and with mixed with 107 adhesive mortar to set, and then will fall off the ceramic tile press, until the mortar hardening.

Had this a few action, if the family has a small area of the damage of ceramic tile, don't panic, according to the method saved patch can be intact. 

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