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Household decorates advocate material choose and buy three necessary


Another year season, decorate household decorates is dependent on the ceramic tile, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, choose good ceramic tile, ceramic tile, is the first step in creating a better home life. We want to know a little about when buying ceramic tile ceramic tile of technical standards.

Learn technical standard one: technical certification enterprises

The ceramic enterprise technology related certification, so far mainly have the ISO quality system certification, environment mark product certification, 3 c certification, high quality product certification, the state building materials radionuclide limited standard, CE certification, etc., and some of product technology at the provincial level measurement certification, third party products selection, etc.

Of the ceramic enterprises, with powerful strength, in general, most of them have a number of certification, special ceramics, for example, gained by the technology and product certification, including the ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality environmental management certification, through ceramic tile product country 3 c compulsory certification, ten ring attestation of Chinese environment mark, etc., at the same time three ceramic products are involved in the national standard, through scientific and technological achievements appraisal, eight won 11 provincial, city level scientific and technical prizes, one product for seven years in China ceramic industry has been the new list "new product" award.   

Learn technical standard 2: look at appearance

For ceramic tile appearance inspection, mainly including such several: brick surface smooth, color uniformity, surface roughness and color difference, lack of Angle, area, thickness, etc., good quality ceramic tile is in commonly the indicators can reach a higher level.

One, such as color uniformity, arbitrarily pick out four ceramic tile, tile in a better light on the ground, see if ceramic tile colour and lustre is uniform,In the process of handling, ceramic tile is easy to damage.When the choose and buy must pay attention to see ceramic tile edges without gap.Check aspects of brick with smooth surface, method is to two pieces of ceramic tile positive together, close is the merge of flatness qualified ceramic tile.

Good quality ceramic tile in meeting these standards has excellent performance, with special ceramics, a flagship product " longyan" as an example, the appearance is available " color, shape, spirit and rhyme" four words, such as color, bright bright, smooth texture, rich in natural color changes, administrative levels feeling strong columns;Skin texture primitive simplicity straightforward, stereo sense is strong, such as heaven and earth dragon vein, exquisite natural, jiangnan ink general euphemism;On the basis of the appearance of the beautiful shape, there are mountains, water wave, cloud charm, can play a feast for the eyes of ornamental value.Achieve this technical standard, far beyond the general requirements, natural more conform to the requirements of the decoration. 

Learn technology standard three: the physical properties of judgment

High quality ceramic tile must be in good physical properties, also there are many indicators, mainly including water absorption, strength and thermal shock resistance, the glaze cracking resistance, abrasion resistance, little off color, frost resistance, impact resistance, friction coefficient linear thermal expansion coefficient, wet expand, floor tile, etc.

These indicators can view the product detects report technical data, to be able to grasp the status of the material properties of ceramic tile, especially it is important to note that since August 2005, our country began to mandatory bibulous rate is 0.5% or less of the porcelain tiles of radioactive detection, namely 3 c compulsory certification, when ceramic tile of choose and buy, it is necessary to understand.

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