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How to do a successful ceramic store


In ceramic product marketing mode, walk the path of the stores has become the industry consensus. From ceramic products manufacturers and distributors, we can see in the game of " homogeneous" in product environment, cultivate first- class dealer team is ceramic enterprise success; For dealers, relying on excellent enterprise is the cornerstone of a successful career.

Being a successful distributor, first of all should be on one of the excellent production enterprise. Excellent production enterprises, with advanced production technology, excellent product structure, improve the marketing concept and strict market protection system for dealers to provide quality products and a good business environment, as well as the management policy, marketing support, human, financial and material resources and other aspects of outstanding dealers with the support of large- scale, rapid growth to help dealers.

How to run a shop is a focus in the study of the current ceramic enterprises, not one hundred percent of the store can earn money.How to develop dealers? Based on in the new source ceramics marketing experience for many years, is that the success of a store must conform to the following key elements:

Toughness is the key

Someone asked, ceramic industry marketing is too little, do you have any immediate way? The answer is a lot of marketing mode, a store just be one or two marketing methods will be developed slowly. Don' t be to have no immediate sales way, advertising, for four consecutive months, will be the effect.

Tend to appear, however, is that a model without constant insist, sometimes less than three months, said there is no effect, gave up.Want to know, advertising is still need two to three months to see the effect, what' s more, the ground service mode. In- store services, promotions, pay a return visit tips, testing activities are very simple, want is a insist, a toughness. For example, some 1000 flyers, the residential area to see no one came, and said flyer doesn' t work, it is wrong.Consumers need a appeal to repeated the same stimulus will only be interested in it, maybe after three times, four times he will come, and you send it again will deny this way, it can do? Without perseverance and tenacity, what also can't do it well.

Echocardiography action

There used to be individual in operating stores, his thinking and ability is good, but is can't do it well. Why is that? He always want to perfect, perfect the idea before you begin, the idea come out to start the implementation of always go through a period of time, and during this period of other ideas came out again, often conflict with the previous idea, finally no one idea is carried out firmly.With experience, when one idea after the founding, should immediately to dry, dry and adjustment, and then you can see hope, good idea needs to carry out, the longer the time, you of the mental state bear ability is poor.

When cutting the shopkeeper doesn't work

The support of ceramic enterprises and service shop is the foundation of success, but the decisive factor in the store owner's hand.Once some enterprises want to go to when the dealer' s nanny, LanGuo to the dealer store everything, including help him order, decorating stores, formulate promotion plan, etc.The result? The answer is that model doesn' t work, because the company will never replace the store, company manager will never replace the store owner. Do well in the stores are not the boss in person operation, an investment and the manager to do ten yuan shop when the shopkeeper of cutting yourself.Store must be yourself to operate, please people just hire clerk, for store, the boss's enthusiasm and hard work is anyone can't replace, so suggest that stores all the boss when the manager himself, active and go all out to work, have what not understand timely communication with the company, at the same time to draw lessons from the experience of others, as long as it is accord with their own situation, to do immediately, without hesitation, such ability development.

Under the condition of the above, the marketing of the stores to basic successfully implemented, the marketing of the stores is gathered popularity, to education, good service, often look back, are generally go through these four steps.Sales is very simple, is a consumer psychological process of trust, such as consumer to your store several times, not to buy or not to help you with any new customers, any words all needless to say, because of his psychological concerns not discouraged, you or your store is still not fully let him have a sense of trust.At this time to find the reason, like a enough, one tong is broken, because it is clear that he will not trust, will not come to the store often, if he complete trust, so would have to buy things, the customer is the focus of the work.Store sales growth is in every little bit of work, don't imagine that a schema can be sold immediately tens of thousands of yuan.So it bit by bit solid work, the sales of the stores are in imperceptible in growing up in this way.Don't underestimate these do you think you already know the details, to implement, to implement these details, will bring you happiness for a long time.

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