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In 2015 ceramic tile industry in our country development trend analysis


Everything in the world, the innovation, the ceramic tile industry.Enter since the second half, we based on summarizing the characters of the ceramic tile industry development, also can find the development trend of ceramic tile industry as a whole and trend direction. Think China report hall, the ceramic tile industry in our country development trend analysis in 2015 are as follows:

1, design and color style diversification, personalized demand

As ceramics technical innovation for the third time, application of ink-jet technology, people will expand the inspiration thinking mode, in addition to into the connotation of the products in the design, explaining the different emotional expression, also designed the ceramic tile of different design and color design, to meet the personalized needs of consumers in all aspects.From the research and development, design, to production, the shop is stuck planning, there are a series of complex and orderly process to guarantee the quality of the ceramic tile products.Marble tile development use, widened people decorate space view, also let a family to decorate a more diversified choices, build modern fashion sense strong art space.

2, high quality of products, complete supporting facilities

Ceramic tile quality determines the style of bedroom space atmospheric style, also tied directly with the user's taste.Therefore, consumers value brand awareness, consumer consciousness is also more rational, pursuit the high quality of ceramic tile also enhances unceasingly. On the market to meet consumer demand and consumption patterns, ceramic tile enterprises to produce a product will be high quality, also to provide users with perfect supporting facilities, from design to decoration, to the concrete paving method, has a complete set of service matching scheme, can let the consumer feel form a complete set of high quality ceramic tile products.

3, professional service, build the core competitiveness

Product service level directly about enterprise's core competitiveness.Ceramic tile enterprises level of service from product design to the pre- sale consulting services, to the after sales services to professional, is a professional level, from handling, consulting, decoration design, decorate the shop is stuck, enterprises have a perfect service system, has a professional service team, provide consumers with a complete set of services, for consumers to create a simple fashion, the bedroom of sweet and comfortable environment.

4, channel competition to break

Ceramic tile market access in the event of a change.New ceramic tile market rising, channel competition; New marketing mode and development, sales network in some enterprises and businesses to be bestowed favor on newly. According to the report hall of China ceramic tile industry in 2014-2020 issued by the depth of research and development trend analysis report, a lot of first-line brand ceramic tile on taobao has its own electronic mall.In the era of the channels change drastically, ceramic tile, ideas, the enterprises should see direction timely adjust their channel strategy, follow up the pace of change, it doesn't make yourself too far by industry.

5, green and energy saving

Over the past ten years, building sanitary ceramics industry in China has been in rapid development and extensive mode of production, in the process of the high- speed expansion, there is a unit of production, low efficiency, high energy consumption of the raw materials used up big, in the current grim situation of energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection pressure unprecedented circumstances, China built TaoHangYe are faced with some production areas, raw material resource depletion and environmental degradation degree development problems such as high production cost.

These hidden behind the rapid development of series of problems in the industry, has caused extensive concern of governments and the social from all walks of life and value.Especially at the end of last year, in our society cooperate to develop the for many years, published by the state ministry of industry and the building sanitary ceramics industry admittance threshold, construction of building ceramic enterprises from the layout, scale, technology and equipment, quality management, energy saving, clean production and production safety and social responsibility has made specific provision.In addition, in our society work deployment, clean production, energy conservation and emissions reduction, building ceramic thin shape, lightweight, and the transformation of the whole industry, and also is the development of the industry this year advocate fundamental key.

Trade work, their sharpness can cut through metal.Building ceramic industry is how to better achieve healthy and sustainable development, not only requires government guidelines, more needs the joint efforts of colleagues in the industry.Believe in government, associations, enterprises, media, etc. With the joint efforts of many, our building ceramic industry will say goodbye to the extensive mode of production, and gradually achieve refinement, green production.

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