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In 2015, the dealers should be how to live


In 2014 the fleeting. Many ceramic tile distributors are in inventory busy harvest year, to the disappointment of the many dealers, however, a year down, remove personnel costs, operating expenses, management fees, etc. Various expenses, little profit.Most dealers in the mind are not exclamation: dealers do difficult, more difficult to make money, want to make, make more difficult!


As we all know, with increasingly fierce market competition, in recent years, more and more dealers complained that business has become more and more difficult, rising operating costs, sales promotion is more and more difficult, competition continuously detailed content, more and more high to the requirement of the product itself outside factors. Coupled with slower economic growth in this environment, many original sales mode of brand manufacturers to adopt double entry channels " flattening" of the road of reform, holding up the banner of "win terminals", the scope to leather dealers, with channel compression cost, strengthen the control of the terminal. Cooperation for many years, archaize brick dealers pull put big " child", was taken away by biological parents ruthless things, see and hear us a lot.


As regional distributors, on the one hand, to bear the brunt of the manufacturer, on the other hand, due to the terminal customers own wings are plump, profit space is small, a growing clamor for independent, so as the agent of a spark sower " market" is now in the embarrassment of under compression.So in 2014, many dealers are struggling, always in the choice, time after time again and again to try.Now, the dealer should face up to the New Year.

In 2015, the dealers should be how to live?

First, have a good job in strategic planning

Tactics, strategy is the most dealers consistent, think strategy is a kind of empty, " case", not immediately bring benefits. Dealers tend to be more focus on tactical role.2 batches for example, some simple and terminal pressure such as the policy, make a gaudy promotion because, doing so can see the effect immediately, the short-term effect of the moment, however, not care in the long run.It is this light weight tactical strategy myopic operation, causes most dealers feel business has become more and more difficult, more and more difficult to earn money


Dealer strategy is what? Strategy is the dealer development direction and goal, is a grand blueprint.Dealer strategy has distinctive goal orientation, forward- looking, overall, planning, etc.Dealer strategy aims to establish the dealer development and status in the market.Strategy, therefore, whether the accurate distribution has a close relationship with the development and destiny, it is also a dealer priority walk the road of brand management.

Second, the change of ideas, strengthen learning, and into the " city"


Ideas decide way out, different thinking decided to different way, with the development of market competition to a new stage of new marketing mode will inevitably occur.Dealer needs not only with the " when" by more to engage in " city", according to the market demand change and continuous learning, innovation, adaptation, conveniently.


Because, in today' s retail market, the only constant is " change", a change is fast, a day;But change much, kaleidoscope.A dealer must understand The Times, grasp the era, only the truly grasp the pulse of The Times, can not be abandoned by time.Such as zhuge liang to sing the " I know" big dreams who advance? Life!So, dealers want to live in an age, learning is the only way, only knowledge can change your fate, only learning achievement in the future.


Current distributors, mostly from wholesalers, commercial retail in transition, but most still stays in the system of husband and wife, family-run operation level, too much on their own historical experience and the tactic of market operation, exposed in the operation strategy, management lags behind, the brand consciousness, lack of system thinking of "death", present the point more widely, so the condition of big but not strong, management and operation are lost the strategy and direction.But not to the dealers blindly pessimistic, also have the consciousness of thinking ahead, reach the designated position, innovative, a large number of dealers can seize from the market full of unpredictable surface illusions, quick opponent one step step "building system, network, tree brand, build team" across, hosting company or even set up their own brands, precipitation his terminal systematic operation support system, after they finish the cross will have a good network capital and the capital of competition, and their concentrated layout of the terminal network and study carefully the " terminal winning secrets" became his fix the opponent's " killer app" in the market has become attract manufacturers as the core, and fight for the capital market.


Third, vigorously promotes the management work, enhance the level of profit


With the more competitive market, the higher requirements for dealers. This requires distribution must be devoted himself in construction organization and management, hard skills, improving management, to management efficiency.Such as: establishing and perfecting the management system and evaluation system, rewards and punishment system, clear job requirements, working content and working process, strengthen the planning, implementation, inspection, feedback " four link integrity, especially to establish an objective and efficient inspection system, and the implementation of real- time, field tracing, in place to ensure execution, beforehand, that is, building standards, to do advance control, summing up, to achieve" people " with rules of normative management.Because the salesman to run dozens of terminal shop one day, if they are in strict accordance with the terminal in the visit terminal shop visit eight steps, check the store before I came into the shop, preparation, guang xuan, into the shop and greet customers fill in terminal customer service card, check the store products vivid display, check the inventory, etc., they promote the effect of the order quantity and order some monkey flower touched with him to visit is the difference is very big, serious worship dozens of every terminal shop, may clinch a deal the quantity is big, the tour visit, may small volume.So vigorously promotes the management work is the key to improve the level of profit.


Four, strengthen the management and maintenance of channels will channel control in the " hand"


Extract channel is the dealer' s important way to improve profitability, the so- called channel, thus is to intensive cultivation, classification management of channels, and then according to the sales amount, distribution of related support resources, further release channel potential and power.Because the product is the blood, and the dealer sales network is the blood to the body, not blood vessels to deliver, even more important is meaningless.Management such as: according to the customer classification: 1) to establish a distribution alliance, and customers according to how much is the annual sales appropriate incentives. Establish relevant system.To switch the customer unmarketable products. Three distributors association and emotional communication.Four to strengthen the work of customer guidance and assistance. Five customers to build up reserves of unqualified, not loyal distributors timely exchange....


Five, the optimization of product structure

" Structure decision function, the function reflects the structure of the state". From a technical perspective, the structure refers to the orderly things between all parts of the match.The function of anything is determined by the structure, what kind of structure, there is what kind of function.Product structure generally refers to the collocation of each product, product structure of the composite effect determines the development of the company.So, what is the structure decision function? Once the structure change, function will change.


Dealers walks road of the lean products, the core is a word " fine".Jing, is not only the requirement of " quantity", but also the requirement to the "quality".


For dealers, in the reduction of the number of products but also pay attention to product quality, optimize the structure of the company' s products, increase the blue- chip product sales proportion, the combination effect of strengthening the best product, to do product portfolio to digest marketing costs, eventually to strive for greater territory or living space, architecture suitable for their own survival and development of product structure.Such as: the company's products do profits analysis, according to the volume of sales, profits, high and low, the size of the brand influence, in the process of management to distinguish treatment, reasonable collocation, to determine what the product is " there is no amount of" is used to set up sales network and stable customer;What product is good " boundless" chaoyang products; What is the gold products " quantity". For those big sales, lower profits, capital occupancy of a product, to properly control the sale;For those who are favorable " boundless" chaoyang products, promotion as the key object; For those who are " has the" amount of gold products, we will strictly control channel prices; For some sales is very small, there is no future for the profit is not high product, resolutely give fall into disuse. Each year in addition to update their appropriate management of product structure, make the products more rationalization structure, realizing the maximization of interests.

Sixth, strengthen the inventory management

Many dealers management category tend to be more, once the inventory management to keep up with, can make a lot of money and selling product unsalable products appeared out of stock. Therefore distributors enters sells saves the inventory management is to work in a timely manner to master enters sells saves the relevant data, this will avoid unnecessary loss, increase profits for the company.

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